6 Fairy Wing PNG Transparent Overlays

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6 Digitally Hand Drawn Fairy Wings to fit your largest projects. No longer worry about them pixelating out when trying to print a large 20 inch poster! These wings are 15" at it's longest width.

When you add blending modes, like Color Dodge & Hard Light - you get a whole new look!

** Please note that these wings only come with 1 side of the wing, This is so you can place, warp, use perspective, and position the way YOU want to. You are not limited to just side views or front views. Get creative and have fun!

Sparkles, glow effects, Models, Backdrops NOT included. This listing is for the WINGS ONLY.

5 Translucent / Transparent 1 Sided Fairy Wings.

1 Solid (Purple) 1 sided Wing.

These are very large at 15" 300 dpi.... Resize to fit your needs.

• You must have working knowledge of how to use layers in your chosen graphics program.

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