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Photo Composite and Editing Services
Do you need help with your Photo Editing?  
The prices here are approximate - but usually what you need done will fall within this range.  Keeps scrolling to learn more.
Please contact us before choosing any package so we can let you know if you have have chosen the right one
(or if another charge will have to be added for the amount of work needing done.)
Use the dropdown menu for the level you need. If you have more than one picture, change the quantity  in your cart.
Service Options

No image is alike and each will have a different level of work. Read the Levels below to see what you get with each. If you are unsure of what package you will need, Just message me. I will be more than happy to help you. Please read the "Process" section below.

**Basic Editing/Retouching - Includes any or all of these**
Lighten Photo
Color Correction
Teeth Whitening
Eye Brightening
Skin Retouch
Chose your payment below for the Basic Retouch:
**Pro Editing/Retouching - Includes All Above PLUS any or all of these**
Background Replacement with Match Color technology - (Have a different backdrop? You don't have to use mine.)
Stray Hair Removal (With background removal - this is sometimes unavoidable)
Natural Hair Highlight Brightening
Shadows under subjects so they aren't "floating"

**Ultra Pro Editing/Retouching - Includes All Above PLUS any or all of these**

Hair Extension / Add Slight Body-Fullness to hair
Light Leaks (Sunlight rays etc.)
Add or remove objects/people
Overlays (Falling Leaves, Snow, Etc.)
Texture Overlays
Custom Work
Complete Model Workup
**Extensive Editing/Retouching - Chose this ONLY after talking to me to ensure that the other packages won't be all you need.
Contact me first!

No work is done until a package is selected and paid for.
★Send your image to me at Renee@Steelewizardcreation.com
★I will work your image and send you up to 2 proofs through Etsy Messages.
★★★Any edits after will require an extra purchase of $5 each time before I continue.★★
Processing time is 3-5 BUSINESS days. (And also dependant on how long it takes for you to approve the edits.)
If it will take longer due to a backup of orders, you will be notified immediately.
IMPORTANT! Pictures from regular Cameras in .jpg and .raw format (unresized) will always make the best image edits. Please send these whenever possible.
**WARNING** I WILL Edit images from Facebook and Cellphones - but they will result in very LOW resolution photos! If you are unsure if your image will work or can be retouched at all, please just send it to me, I will check it for free!
This is an editing service, your finished item will be emailed to you. Or sent as a download link.  No physical finished item will be shipped.
(Communication is important for this!! Please stay in
contact so I can finish your order in a timely manner!) I MAY have questions.
★After approval of the Image I will Email you your finished image.

**I do NOT use Phone apps etc. for your edits. This is Pixel by Pixel - True editing in Photoshop to give you the highest quality image we possibly can. (Depending on the quality of the image you send us to begin with)
If you want to use a photo taken from your professional photographer, you MUST have proof of permission from said photographer - any questions about this, please just ask.

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