Individual rustic digital wood floors with baseboards overlays clipart

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8 Individual digital wood floors with baseboards. Overlays to lay over any digital backdrop to create a floor / wall combination. Get creative and add to scenery backdrops for a Mural effect. Our floor and baseboard combos can also be used for your mockup photos for your product photography.
No reason to carry around your rolled up floors, or take up too much room in your studio. 8 different color choices to match any backdrop style you need.

Also included is the Blue Applique' Backdrop as shown in the sample images - FREE!

Details / Included: 
• File Format: 1 Large .jpg (backdrop) 6000x4800 - 300 dpi
• File Format: 8 Large .jpg (Floors)
• Size: 6000x1548 (20"x5.1")
• Resolution: 300 dpi
• Color Profile: sRGB

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