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NEW! Introducing MiniDrops

The Benefits

➛ You will never again have to carry around a bunch of studio backdrops in the trunk of your car for on-site photography shoots.

➛ You will no longer have rolls of backdrops falling over in the corner of your photo studio.

All you need is:

➛ A light colored backdrop

➛ A camera

➛ Photo editing software (like Photoshop)

➛ A little bit of imagination!

You'll be creating beautiful portraits and fun composites in no time.

➛ Offer your clients choices that they never thought possible!

➛ Be the envy of other photo studios in your area.

So bust out your camera, grab a subject or two, pick your backdrops - and get ready to create some amazing portraits and composite images!

Product Photography

We also have Digital backdrops that will work PERFECTLY for your product photography!

Using the same concept of making a portrait composite, now the products you list on your website and selling platforms can look GREAT by creating your own personal Mockups that no one else has. 

Don't forget, we can also do all of the photo editing for you - at VERY affordable prices.  Just visit our Editing Services page.

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