Copyright Watermark Clipart Overlays

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3 Copyright and crosshatch watermark PNG transparent files to overlay onto your artwork, sample images etc. While this isn't a foolproof method of keeping people from stealing your images. It is a deterrent for theft, and makes it harder for thieves to remove it.
Also included is the Checkered Background that you can put your cut images (clipart, svgs etc. on) to indicate that they are transparent.

This set Includes:

3 PNG transparent overlays -**1 says Copyright and 2 are crosshatched triangles.
1 PNG Background that resembles the transparent Artboard in Photoshop.


These are varying sizes. The Globes themselves are 7.25 Inches high and everything else is sized to fit. -
300 dpi.... with Transparent backgrounds. Resize to fit your needs.

copyright SteeleWizardCreation

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